Something new coming to the 395 HOV lanes

March 29, 2019

You might notice some changes coming to the 395 HOV lanes. Weather permitting, crews will install tolling equipment on the gantries just north of Edsall Road on the 395 HOV lanes.

The equipment -- which includes E-ZPass readers, cameras, and HOV enforcement beacons -- will be used to manage traffic when the I-395 HOV lanes convert to express lanes this fall.  

During the spring and summer, we will continue to install and test technology on the remaining gantries on the 395 HOV lanes. 

Tolling doesn’t start until the 395 Express Lanes open in the fall, but why wait to get an E-ZPass? It’s still a good idea to get an E-ZPass if you don’t have one yet.

To prepare for the opening of the 395 Express Lanes, drivers should visit here to learn how the Lanes will work and get more information about E-ZPass here.